Ambiq Micro and TSMC (TWSE:2330, NYSE: TSM) today announced that Ambiq’s Apollo3 Blue wireless SoC, built on TSMC’s 40 nanometer ultra-low power (40ULP) process, has achieved world-leading power consumption performance. Leveraging both Ambiq’s Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT™) platform and TSMC’s 40ULP low operating power (low-Vdd) technology, the Apollo3 Blue with TurboSPOT™ sets a new standard in energy efficiency for battery-powered devices by increasing the computational capabilities of the ARM Cortex M4F core to 96MHz while lowering the active power consumption to less than six microamperes per megahertz (6uA/MHz). The Apollo3 Blue’s outstanding performance has enabled Ambiq to reach new markets including battery-powered smart home devices and always-on, voice-enabled applications like remote controls and hearables. The Apollo3 Blue brings several new features to Ambiq’s SPOT-based Apollo product line including an integrated DMA engine, QSPI interface, and advanced stepper motor control for ultra-low power analog watch hand management. With unprecedented energy efficiency and microphone inputs, the Apollo3 Blue forms the core of Ambiq’s Voice-on-SPOT™ reference platform making it the perfect device for customers that want to add always-on voice assistant integration and command recognition to battery-powered devices. To increase design flexibility and enable connections to the phone and cloud, the Apollo3 Blue provides a dedicated second core for the ultra-low power BLE5 connectivity platform providing superior RF throughput and leaving plenty of resources available for user applications.